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Code of Practice


1.1 General
Australian Combat & Exercise PTY LTD is a company that offers a variety of services for people that participate and work in the martial arts, health & fitness industry.
The martial arts arm of Australian Combat & Exercise PTY LTD is ACE Martial Arts.
ACE Martial Arts services include, private training, group sessions, corporate services, law enforcement, schools & martial arts equipment online sales.
ACE Martial Arts is a member of the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) & all our instructors are accredited by the Australian Sports Commission & the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA).
Australian Combat & Exercise also designs and delivers first class continuing education programs for Fitness Professionals registered with Fitness Australia.
This guide provides overall policies of the Continuing Education Program services. It includes all the information that the staff and/or contractors and clientele require.

1.2 Mission Statement

The main missions of Australian Combat & Exercise are:
 To provide quality martial arts & fitness coaching services to all its clients
 To deliver first class continuing education programs
1.3 Philosophy
The philosophy of Australian Combat & Exercise is to comply with all acts and regulations and code of practice while delivering quality education. The Continuing Education Programs provides a stimulating atmosphere, which encourages consistently high standards of achievement. The objectives of Australian Combat & Exercise are:
 To Deliver relevant educational seminars for Fitness Professionals
 To expose and evaluate student’s proficiency in various courses by way of assignments, exams and group discussions in a manner which is easily understood by students.
 To provide required communication and motivation for the Fitness Professionals so that they will have strong foundation for their ongoing professional Development
 To enable the Fitness Professionals to gain understanding and commitment in different areas of Martial Arts & the Fitness Industry

1.4 Code of Ethics

1.4.1 Australian Combat & Exercise Code of Ethics
The Code of Practice that I abide by in my professional dealings is based upon the
 ACE Martial Arts – Code of Conduct (Page 3 to 5)
 Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) – Code of Practice for martial arts centres & martial arts instructors

ACE MARTIAL ARTS – Code of Conduct
Clients of ACE Martial Arts will adhere strictly to the following Code of Conduct. This is required due to the serious nature of Martial Arts training.
Good manners, respect and common sense must be nurtured in all students to ensure the safety of everyone at any ACE Martial Arts training location.

Instructor Qualifications
Instructors will hold the following:
1. Level 1 Accreditation under Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)
2. Senior First Aid Certificate
3. Appropriate Child Protection Requirements
1. Instructors will ensure that the training area is clear of any dangerous and/or sharp objects that may provide a risk of injury.
2. Jewellery and watches may cause injury to yourself or others and should be removed before training or taped.
3. Instructors will have access at all times to a fully equipped first aid kit.
4. All persons participating in training agree to maintain self-control at all times and maintain all care in the application of any technique.
5. Any person who exhibits behaviour that, in the judgement of the Instructor, is a danger to other participants shall not be allowed to continue training until the Instructor determines the danger is no longer present.
Training Area Etiquette
1. If you are late for class, wait to be acknowledged by the Instructor before joining in
2. Persons must not chew gum whilst training.
3. Mobile phones must be turned off during training. Mobile phones inadvertently left on during training may not be answered. Any person who is “on-call” for work may seek approval from the instructor prior to the commencement of class to leave his or her mobile phone on.

Uniforms & Training Gear
1. Please ensure you bring a towel, deodorant and a change of shirt
2. Please wear appropriate exercise clothing suited for any of the ACE Martial Arts services
3. Persons inappropriately attired will not be allowed to train.
4. Persons must bring a towel and filled water bottle to each training session.
5. Students will respect the equipment provided and use it appropriately.
6. Bring all gear and equipment to all sessions.
Sparring requirements
1. Persons participating in sparring activity must purchase and wear an approved mouth guard and bring this mouth guard to every training session.
2. If participating in sparring, you must have the appropriate protective equipment (shin pads, 16 oz gloves, mouth guard, etc). You will be excluded from sparring without this equipment.
3. Respect your sparring partners – no contact means ‘no contact’; low level contact means exactly that. Should you be warned on more than two occasions to keep your contact down, you may be excluded from the session.
4. Full contact sparring is forbidden except for higher grades and only when supervised and mutually agreed beforehand.
Sickness or Injury
1. Persons must not train if they are suffering from the flu or other viral infection that may be passed on to other persons.
2. Persons must advise the Instructor if suffering from any injury or medical condition, either permanent or temporary, which may be adversely affected by certain types of training.
3. If requested by the Instructor, persons with the above or like conditions must secure a medical certificate clearly stating that the person is able to participate in classes and whether there are any restrictions or conditions applicable.

Other Health Issues
1. Persons must not attend training under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
2. Smoking is not allowed in the Training Area.
3. Persons training must give proper attention to personal hygiene and exhibit clean grooming; and ensure that fingernails and toenails are trimmed and clean, hair to be clean and pulled back off the face.
4. Persons with a cut or bleeding injury must cease training immediately and receive appropriate first aid. Re-joining the training session will not be allowed until the
5. Instructor has deemed that is safe to do so.
6. Persons administering first aid to a person suffering a cut or bleeding injury must wear protective gloves.
1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being
2. Within the context of the activity, treat everyone equally regardless of sex, ethnic origin or religion
3. Help fellow participants reach their full potential
4. Be fair, considerate and honest with fellow participants
5. Be professional in and accept responsibility for your actions
6. Language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation should display high standards control, respect, dignity and professionalism to all involved with the sport/martial art–this includes opponents, coaches, officials, administrators, the media, parents and spectators